Chat, Text, and Email All In One Place
Stop managing multiple communication channels and start engaging with leads in the way they prefer, without ever leaving your suite.

Meet Your Engagement Center

The PSAI Communication Portal is your one-stop engagement center. With chat, text, and email available directly in your suite, you can interact with customers without worrying about tracking lead activity. PSAI gives you endless engagement opportunities, so you can connect with more leads to get more done.

AI Chatbot

Engage with customers and instantly capture lead information with the AI chatbot, built as a self-service widget you can drop on your site.
  • Chat directly with customers or let GIA handle the conversation.
  • Set appointments, request reviews, and handle product inquiries.
  • Automatic lead flow, lead assignment flexibility, and conversation storage.
PSAI provides customization opportunities so you can align the chatbot to your branding, drop on your site, and start interacting with leads right away.

Inbound & Outbound Texting 

Communicate with customers via text without ever leaving your portal. With Texting, you can send and receive SMS messages in your suite with the click of a button.    
  • Send inbound and outbound texts to any contact in your portal. 
  • Attach files, pull weather reports, send pictures, and request reviews. 
  • Automatic tracking in your PSAI portal with conversations attached to lead information. 

Email Messaging

Forget remembering email addresses and tracking correspondences; with PSAI, you can email leads directly in your portal to close deals and keep track of projects.  

  • Send and receive email messages with any contact in your portal. 
  • Attach files, pull weather reports, send pictures, and request reviews.
  • Don't stress about tracking. Every conversation is automatically stored and attached to each unique contact. 

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