Conduct Virtual Estimates for your Customers with Visual Quoter
Run your sales appointments more efficiently while appealing to customers' digital preferences.

Connect Instantly with Customers

Visual Quoter is the virtual in-home estimate tool that will allow your employees to conduct estimates and in-home presentations with homeowners, regardless of location. Connect with customers, attach videos to lead information, and keep your sales funnel full with Visual Quoter.

Generate More Leads 

  • Social Advertising Asset: Visual Quoter is not just a smarter way to sell, but it’s also a valuable advertising asset for lead generation. Right now, we’re seeing a spike of 25% for online impressions for social advertising. By promoting Visual Quoter on platforms like Facebook, you’ll get your tool in front of more homeowners to keep your sales funnel full.
  • Offline Capabilities: Visual Quoter works both online and offline, allowing the homeowner to record a video even if the connection is poor. This is the case approximately 10% to 20% of the time, especially in rural areas or in basements and rooms without windows. By getting a look at the project scope, your sales team members can create quotes!
  • 24/7 Functionality: No matter the day or time, Visual Quoter works 365 days of the year. When a customer submits their video, it will automatically flow into your contact manager for you to see when you’re back in the office.

Boost Your Sales 

  • Screen Sharing Technology: You don’t have to change your sales presentation to go digital. With your Visual Quoter tool you can share the same demo assets as you do in the home, all from the ease of your desktop.
  • Automatic Sync with Contact Manager: Visual Quoter attaches recorded video to the quote request within our contact manager automatically. Now, when you’re managing leads and need to reference a project throughout the sales cycle and installation phase, all Visual Quoter videos will be found with the lead information.
  • Sales Reps Can Use it Too!: Your sales reps can initiate Visual Quoter by calling the homeowner and filling out the quote form on their behalf. Visual Quoter will automatically send a text link to the homeowner, making it easy to instantly connect about a project

Close More Deals

Save time and resources by running virtual appointments with Visual Quoter. Connect with customers online and qualify the best opportunities to keep your sales funnel full. Visual Quoter makes it easy to communicate with customers, capture important lead information, and generate more quotes, all through the convenience of digital appointments. Get started today!

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