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With data points on every home services company, we can help match the best companies to sell your brand.
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Expand Your Brand, Grow Your Network

See the possibilities with your very own contractor data warehouse. Gain access into home improvement companies across the country to assess the opportunities in each market. Our contractor warehouse consists of over 800,000 home services companies to help you identify opportunities to grow your network, combined with effective marketing strategies to reach them.

Understand Network Opportunity with Contractor Quality Index

PSAI’s Contractor Quality Index (CQI) gives you instant insight into the alignment opportunity of every contractor. With an index from 1-5, quickly see how well a potential contractor aligns with your brand. With the CQI powering your operations, you can:

  • Prioritize Contractor Opportunity.
  • Spend Marketing Dollars Effectively.
  • Reach the Contractors Who Make Sense For Your Network.
Stop wasting dollars on the wrong opportunities and start pursuing contractors who align with your brand.

Data Science Propelled by the Right Marketing

Match the Right Companies Using A.I. Data

We’ll build you custom audiences powered by A.I., so you can reach the right contractors with the right messaging. 

Sell More Product

Create, launch, and manage branded campaigns using PSAI to reach potential new contractors nationwide.

Offer Your Own Lead Generation

Grab attention with the A.I tech available to your network. With PSAI, you’re giving them tools nobody else has on the market, allowing them to tap into A.I. growth for themselves.

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Grow your contractor network, implement your own lead generation program and access homeowner insights to increase the reach of your brand!

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