Cochran Exteriors on Using PSAI Insights to Their Benefits
PSAI uses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver a greater return on investment than traditional software.

Learn How You Can Use PSAI Insights to Scale Your Business, like Cochran Exteriors

Your team may not have the time to build an accurate customer profile, but our artificial intelligence tools do—and they do it quite instantly.

Quote From Ross Cochran

"What we are focused on is increasing our closing percentage. Predictive Sales can provide us more information so we are more prepared when going into an appointment and targeting customers that are more likely to convert into a customer. The profiles [Predictive Portraits™] give us a better understanding of where they are at in the buying cycle and help us determine what different product lines can be presented to them to fulfill their needs."

- Ross Cochran | Owner | Cochran Exteriors

Know the Leads that Will Convert into Revenue

Each Predictive Portrait is backed by AI and delivers insights specific to each lead in your funnel, revealing your ideal customer traits more accurately than ever before.

  • Customer Insights: Understand your customer before you walk into an appointment.
  • Home Data: Know the home you’re selling to, so you can customize your approach to close the deal.
  • Smarter Insights Over Time: PSAI gets smarter with every interaction, giving you more precise recommendations for every lead.

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