Learn How an Exterior Remodeler is Using Past Projects to Grow New Projects
NMC Exteriors uses Past Projects at all phases of their business to generate more traffic, close more leads and refer new customers.

Past Projects is Your Referral Marketing Tool

PSAI’s Past Project tool gives you the opportunity to showcase your work while letting the powers of social media and referral marketing generate new opportunities from those projects. From interactive maps to reviews and images, Past Projects is the foundation for referral marketing.

Quote From Molly Mortensen

"The past projects portal is something that we utilize daily. It really helps us tremendously because we can showcase those past projects socially and share with clients in a nice format. It helps our clients understand that we are a legitimate business and proud of our work. It helps them understand the quality of work they are going to receive. Anyone that is renovating homes will gain business by using the Past Projects tools and grow your business by showing clients you are proud of your work."

- Molly Mortensen | Co-Owner | NMC Exteriors

Showcases Work While Bringing in New Jobs

NMC uses Past Projects at all phases of their business. From advertising jobs they have done in the past to bring new opportunities, to referring potential customers to view work they've done in their area and using the featured projects to gather referrals, it has proven to be a true value to their exterior remodeling company. Past Projects does it all:

  • Featured Projects: Showcase jobs that you have done recently with photos, videos and descriptions.
  • Geographical View: Pinpoint thousands of projects on a map to show you are a legitimate business and relate to customers on a street level.
  • Customer Reviews: Gather customer feedback and feature it within project details.
  • Referral Marketing: Use your past work to get new work by using your customer's jobs to network to surrounding areas.
  • Social Advertising: Target homes in the area and market directly to homeowners that see your completed work on streets that they live on.

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