XL Contracting is Using PSAI Weather to Turn Storms into Revenue.
PSAI Weather Offers You a Full-Service Marketing Engine to Identify Storm Opportunities, Launch a Campaign and Drive Storm Leads.

Launch Custom Storm Campaigns Right From Your PSAI Portal

PSAI’s revolutionary technology makes digital door knocking easy for contractors. When a storm strikes your market, your team can create and launch a custom storm campaign on Facebook directly from your PSAI suite.

Quote From Bryan Becker

"I was very pleased how quickly we got results from PSAI Weather. It gives the versatility to focus on the exact areas where you want to work to zoom in on the biggest opportunity first. For us it has been very effective.

I have been very pleased with the adaptability of it and the cost effectiveness of it. By using Facebook to get in front of these people, you can touch your direct audience for a very efficient marketing cost with information that qualifies them to be a valuable customer."

- Bryan Becker | Co-Owner | XL Roofing


Storm Campaigns with Street Level Targeting

XL Roofing has successfully run storm campaigns, driving leads for well under $20 per opportunity using precise targeting of a storm and a landing page that is set up to convert those opportunities along with the full array of tools below:

  • Audience Selection: Our tool makes it easy to choose hail size and wind speeds that suit your preferences as well as the ability to draw a defined outline of an area on your swath.
  • Home Count Calculator & Custom Audience List: Once you’ve drawn your outline, our tool will instantly calculate the number of homes affected by hail and/or wind, and will generate a custom audience list that you can use for your campaign.
  • Ad Design Tool: The PSAI weather engine allows you to design your ad directly within the tool; simply input your text and upload any images or logos you’d like to include in your campaign!
  • Landing Page: Every campaign is accompanied by a dedicated landing page, so you can convert ad traffic into leads with the utmost organization.

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