Your Home Improvement on PSAI's Sweepstakes Marketing Strategy
Bring the home show to the homeowner with high-performing sweepstakes campaigns!

What Can You Expect from a Sweepstakes Campaign?

When your call center or sales funnel needs a boost, a digital home show campaign can provide exactly what you need. With high lead volume and low costs, this proven strategy is what you need as your disposal.

Quote From Steve Little

"The results that I have received from sweepstakes campaigns has always been below an 8% marketing costs and more commonly under 4%. It keeps my call center busy at all times and it keeps lead flow into my CRM, giving us a full sales funnel when we need it. Anyone in the home services that experiences slow times can really benefit from a sweepstakes campaign."

-Steve Little | Owner | Your Home Improvement Company

Proven Results | Proven Return

In a 2 month sweepstakes campaign, we were able to drive 1,750 leads at a cost-per-lead under $5 and a marketing cost of 2.5%! Sweepstakes campaigns and digital home shows are something Your Home Improvement Company relies on to get them through slow seasons and keep their sales center busy. From intricate demographic targeting to lead management and script tools, this marketing engine can give your company the boost it needs, when it needs it.

  • High Volume: Boost lead volume when you need them. During the slowdown caused by COVID19, we were able to boost lead volume when they needed it most.
  • Low Cost-Per-Lead: By targeting the right demographic and providing proven digital strategies, we were able to generate leads at an astonishing $3.50 per lead.
  • High Return on Investment: The high volume and low costs set up Your Home Improvement Company to turn these leads into sales at a incredibly low marketing cost of 2.5%.

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