Martin Home Exteriors Generated over $100,000 in Revenue!
The PSAI Ads Manager makes it easy to launch low-cost, high-impact social campaigns.

Launch Custom Ad Campaigns Directly from Your PSAI Suite

With a full Ads Manager at your fingertips, you don’t need to be a paid search expert to create effective social campaigns. The Ads Manager gives you the ability to create and launch custom ad campaigns to custom audiences powered by A.I., so you can hit your target market to drive leads and generate revenue.

Quote from Martin Home Exteriors

"What appealed to me about PSAI is the targeted marketing that I need for my business. They have so many tools in their tool chest to use, that’s why I bought the product and keep using the product, it's because of their very targeted approach to marketing on Facebook...They’ve filled a gap in my lead generation and that’s exactly what I hired them to do. We’re 5x the leads right now than we were last year. That targeted marketing on Facebook has generated the leads that are very specific to Hardie products, to my sunroom products, to my window products, and those leads have been less expensive but higher quality leads than what I was receiving before."

- Ken Martin | Owner

High Impact, Low Marketing Costs

Martin Home Exteriors drove leads using the PSAI Ads Manager to generate over $100,000 in revenue in just a few months. Using campaigns that leveraged their affiliations and product offerings, they were able to connect with a qualified audience to generate high-converting leads. Better yet, they were able to generate leads for less than $100 per lead, giving them a sub 5% marketing cost. 

  • Branded social campaigns to boost visibility
  • A.I. Custom Audiences building for precise targeting
  • A.I.-optimized text & high-quality image pairing for greater impact
  • Guided ad parameters for seamless creation & launch

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