The Opportunity To Drive Leads From Extreme Wind Is Here
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PSAI Weather Now Includes Wind

If you’re a roofing company, you should be aware anytime extreme winds come through your service area. Homeowners are often in need of repair services after an intense storm with high winds. With PSAI Weather, contractors can now use wind activity to advertise their services to homeowners in need of a repair.

PSAI Drives Leads From Wind Activity

PSAI makes it easy to reach homeowners affected by high winds. When you identify a storm that presents an opportunity for your business, you can draw a polygon to outline the exact area you would like to target. PSAI will calculate how many homes in that area were affected by the extreme weather that you specify and generate a custom audience of those homeowners, so you can advertise to them on Facebook. Create an ad directly within PSAI Weather, set your budget, and launch your campaign in minutes. Not only will you generate leads directly from Facebook, but you’ll build brand awareness in the area to help your marketing and in-person door knocking initiatives.

Your Marketing Engine for Extreme Weather

Including wind in the PSAI Weather engine not only opens your opportunity for more business during the hail season, but it extends your storm revenue to year-round. There are plenty of storms across the US that don’t involve hail, yet experience damaging winds that require contractors’ attention.

Give your team the advantage they need by knowing exactly when wind strikes and how many homeowners are affected.

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