At this year’s Win the Storm, roofing contractors can elevate their storm game with Predictive Sales AI’s suite of weather tools. With PSAI Weather, contractors can receive the industry’s most accurate hail swaths and digital canvassing opportunities to generate more storm revenue than ever before. Here’s how you can use PSAI Weather to reach your full storm potential.

Receive Hail Alerts Whenever Hail Hits Your Area

When you subscribe to Extreme Weather Insights, you’ll receive free hail alerts in your inbox each morning that recap yesterday’s nationwide hail activity. With a map that’s 4x tighter than the leading swath and hail breakdowns by ½ inch increments, Extreme Weather Insights is the most accurate swath on the market. The best part? EWI reports the number of homes within each impact zone, so you’ll know immediately if a hail storm presents a revenue opportunity for your business. 

Advertise on Facebook to Homeowners Impacted by Hail 

PSAI doesn’t just provide hail reporting. Our toolset elevates your storm strategy by advertising to homeowners directly impacted by hail with PSAI Storm Campaigns.

Launching a Storm Campaign is simple; simply pick the area you’d like included in your campaign, and PSAI will deliver a custom audience of homeowners. You’ll create your ad right in the PSAI toolset and launch your campaign to homeowners across Facebook. The best part? It’s a self-service campaign to generate serious storm revenue. You don’t need to have a team of digital experts to manage it. Simply choose your storm radius, create your messaging, and launch your ad.

Convert More Customers with the PSAI Toolset

Once you’ve generated leads through Storm Campaigns, Predictive Sales AI has the tools you need to manage your leadflow and sell smarter. With self-service applications like our AI chatbot, you can drop engagement tools directly on your website to convert more leads. Your leads then flow directly into your omnichannel communication portal so you can manage and communicate with all your customers in one platform. The best part? Your sales team has access to custom customer profiles so they can close more appointments and net more revenue for your business.