Consumer tastes are changing. A phone call used to be the way to a customer’s heart and now people can’t hit “send to voicemail” any faster. As preferences evolve, so must our technology. What’s the fastest growing communication method customers prefer from businesses today? Texting. 

Predictive Sales AI has built texting right into our platform making it easier than ever to communicate with customers on their terms.

What Are the Benefits of Texting? 

Texting provides a new avenue to communicate with leads and customers. With texting you can:

  • Enjoy Higher Open Rates. Research shows that SMS open rates can be as high as 98% compared to just 20% of all email messages. With texting, you can be sure you’re getting your message in front of customers. 
  • Get Answers Faster. Texting is immediate; people are always on their phones and will often open text messages very quickly. It’s much easier to shoot off a reply to a text than waiting for a customer to open, read, and draft an email.
  • Demonstrate Adaptability. Providing an additional means of communication shows customers that you’re in tune with emerging trends and happy to meet customers where they are to get the job done. 
  • Provide a Better Experience. Texting helps you get answers faster, communicate in a preferred manner, check in with customers about projects, and more, so you’re ultimately providing a better customer experience, just through texting!

Texting with Predictive Sales AI 

With PSAI, your team can use SMS messaging to set appointments, handle inquiries, manage projects, and more. PSAI provides full texting functionality, including: 

  • Inbound, Outbound, & AI Texting. Receive text messages from traditional ad sources like yard signs and mailers, have a rep switch a conversation over to text to better suit a customer’s needs, or let the AI chatbot handle your text conversations. PSAI provides multiple ways you can send and receive texts from leads and customers. 
  • Reputation Management. With your preferred review platforms pre-loaded into the PSAI Communication Portal, your team can request reviews from happy customers by simply clicking a button. Your customer receives a text with a link to the review site that they can complete right on their phone. 
  • Communication Portal Integration. Your text messages automatically flow into the PSAI Communication Portal for sophisticated lead management. 
  • Conversation Storage. All text conversations are automatically attached to the lead information and stored in your Communication Portal making it easy to reference conversations throughout a project.

Start Texting with PSAI

If you’re interested in learning more about how our inbound, outbound, and AI texting can help your team capture leads and manage projects more effectively, request a demo to connect with our team.