DreamHome Remodeling Captures More Storm Revenue at a Lower Cost with PSAI
The PSAI Weather Engine delivers storm leads through targeted digital marketing to reach homeowners in weather event zones.

Contractors Like DreamHome Are Driving Low-Cost Storm Leads

PSAI Weather delivers insights on storms in your market, so your team can easily launch effective digital door knocking campaigns. Get your brand in front of homeowners with custom ads created directly within your PSAI portal.

Quote from Nish Patel

“The positive effects from the PSAI storm campaigns is that it’s been able to provide us with a very cheap leads. Digital advertising is still very very affordable. It’s fairly inexpensive right now, especially when it comes to doing a lot of advertising on Facebook and platforms like that. When most contractors are probably hovering from about $100 to $120 per lead, we’re seeing values coming in at sub $30, sub $25 per contacts from PSAI storm campaigns, which has been huge.”

Nish Patel | Owner-Vice President | DreamHome Remodeling

PSAI Storm Campaigns Makes Facebook Advertising Simple

The PSAI Weather Engine delivers successful storm campaigns and generates leads for under $25 per opportunity for DreamHome Remodeling. With this engine, your team can launch storm campaigns directly within your PSAI portal, with tools including:

  • Street Level Targeting: Our tool allows you to view hail and wind activity at the street level, so you can select an audience based on the opportunity that is right for your business. 
  • Custom Audience List: The PSAI Weather Engine automatically generates a custom audience list based on the geography you’ve selected, so you can ensure you’re targeting the homeowners who need your services. 
  • Budget Customization: With the ability to set your own budget, our tool allows you to invest in each storm in a way that makes sense for your business

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