Hurricane Ian Causes Widespread Damage in Florida
The PSAI Weather team has been closely tracking the path of Hurricane Ian, which hit Florida with extreme force.

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The latest advancement in PSAI's Weather Engine is hurricane tracking ability, and we are here to help. Leverage weather data to understand where homeowners need your services most!

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Access storm data and leverage lead generation tools designed to maximize every storm’s potential. Track storm impacts, capture website visitors with personalized weather data, and access customer insights to sell smarter and close more deals.

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Convert More Roof Leads

Boost Website Engagement

The A.I. Weather Widget produces an instant roof assessment, detailing the last 10 weather events that occurred at a customer’s home. With the option to schedule an inspection, your team can set more storm appointments, year-round. 

Stop Visitors from Leaving

Exit Intent identifies users intending to leave your website and gives you the ability to place a compelling offer or selling point to increase meaningful interactions and generate more leads. 

Drive More Leads!

Capture interest in weather events and convert leads with storm data. The A.I. Weather Widget and Exit Intent tool engage users while providing a no-hassle conversion opportunity, so your team can nurture storm leads into customers. 

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Customer Insights Like You've Never Seen

Know the Value of Each Lead Instantly

Prioritize your lead flow with leads you know will close. Access instant customer insights to see how closely a homeowner aligns with your services and maintain your lead pool with qualified, ready-to-buy customers.

Track 10 Years of Storm History

The PSAI Weather Engine provides historical storm data for every lead. Access storm history to better prepare for sales appointments with the right product and service recommendations.

Identify Storm Damage on Any Home

Go the extra mile during sales appointments by knowing if there is any damage to look for in the home and understand if there is potential for retail insurance due to weather events. 

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