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Start Converting Storm Damage into Roofing Leads

Upgrade your storm tracking software today and unlock more opportunities! Access 10+ years of storm data to more precisely assess storm damage history on any home! Use this data to send instant reports to engage new leads and convert more website traffic. More opportunities are waiting!

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1.  Access 10+ Years of Storm Reporting

Our extensive weather engine lets you go back over 10 years to look at every storm that may have affected your target market. Filter storms by date range, size of hail, speed of wind or a combination of them all to identify events that impacted home the most.

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2. Analyze Daily Hail and Wind Swaths

Use our interactive map to pinpoint hail and wind damage in any area of the country. Enjoy filters for all hail sizes and wind speeds to best locate homes damaged by extreme weather. Geofence an area to know EXACTLY how many homes were affected!

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3. Capture Storm Leads on Website

Drop on our A.I. Weather Widget to any website. This interactive tool produces an instant roof assessment for website visitors, detailing the last 10 weather events that occurred at a customer’s home. With the option to schedule an inspection, your team can set more storm appointments, year-round.

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4. Identify Storm Damage on Any Home

Run an instant storm damage assessment on ANY lead and know exactly which storms may have damaged their roof, instantly! Go the extra mile by sending this mobile report on your included sms texting platform to keep your customers engaged!

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5. Generate Results

"I was very pleased with how quickly we got results from PSAI Weather. It gives the versatility to focus on the exact areas where you want to work to zoom in on the biggest opportunity first. For us it has been very effective."

- Bryan Becker | Co-Owner | XL Roofing

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Drive more Leads and Sell More Roofs with PSAI Weather

Learn how your roofing company can start driving leads from storm opportunities.

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