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GAF Enhanced Warranty Notifications [Now Included in WeatherHub]

Predictive Sales A.I. and GAF have joined forces to revolutionize WeatherHub and are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature in WeatherHub - Enhanced Warranty Notifications. This innovative feature aims to streamline the process of roof maintenance and repairs, especially during extreme weather conditions. Here, we delve into the nuances of this new feature and how it stands to benefit GAF contractors and homeowners alike.

Extreme Weather Occurs (High-Wind or Hail)
Warranties Impacted
Warranties Impacted Sent to Contractor
Warranties Impacted
Contact Info Flows into WeatherHub Portal
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Access Damage Report on Impacted Homes
Access Damage Report
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A Game-Changer in Roof Maintenance

Real-Time Notifications

WeatherHub's enhanced warranty notifications are designed to provide GAF contractors with real-time notifications whenever a roof under warranty is impacted by extreme weather conditions. This timely information allows contractors to reach out to homeowners proactively, discussing the necessary steps to mitigate any potential damage.

Facilitating Prompt Repairs

By receiving early notifications, contractors can schedule inspections promptly, preventing further damage and potentially saving homeowners significant repair costs in the long run. This proactive approach ensures that roofs remain in optimal condition, extending their lifespan and maintaining their quality.

Streamlining Communication

The enhanced warranty notifications feature facilitates seamless communication between contractors and homeowners. Contractors can easily reach out to homeowners to discuss the available options for roof repairs, fostering a relationship built on trust and transparency.

All You Need to Know About GAF Enhanced Warranty Notifications!

Your WeatherHub subscription JUST GOT BETTER! With GAF Enhanced Warranty Notifications, contractors can now be alerted the moment a home under warranty gets impacted by extreme weather! Learn more in the video below!
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Benefits of the Enhanced Warranty Notifications Feature

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

By offering prompt service and repairs, contractors can enhance customer satisfaction, building a loyal customer base.


Early detection of potential issues while roofs are still under warranty helps in averting major repairs, thereby saving costs for homeowners.

Building Trust

The feature helps in building trust with homeowners, as contractors can provide timely assistance, demonstrating their commitment to excellent service.


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