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Take control of your brand with the tools that make it easy to engage with customers and drive new business.

Unlimited Growth with the PSAI Engine

Predictive Sales AI has tools built specifically for your business to make sales, keep customers satisfied, and drive growth. With a sophisticated Communication Portal equipped with AI chat, texting capabilities, and review request functionality, you’ll be able to engage with homeowners during every step of their customer journey.

Generate Reviews with Text Requests

The PSAI Communication Portal makes it easy to request reviews from satisfied customers with the click of a button:
  • Third-party Platform: Your review sites are pre-loaded into your portal, so you can simply click on the “review” feature, customize a message if you wish, and send your request.
  • Text for Review: You can send review requests right to your customer's phone in a text message, making it simple for them to leave a review right from their phone.
  • Chat for Review: If your customer is using your website’s chat functionality, you can request reviews directly in your exchange.

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Turn Reviews Into Year-Round Business

PSAI makes it easy to generate reviews year-round. Request reviews as you finish jobs during your busy season, or take stock of your projects at the season’s end and send out requests to satisfied customers. With PSAI you can leverage those reviews to market to custom audiences to convert 1 review into multiple leads!

Referral Marketing

Let your work sell itself. Generating reviews and tapping into our A.I. software gives you the opportunity to match a review with a look-a-like audience and use that review to advertise to other potential homeowners. Backed with machine learning, you can be assured that the audience is qualified with A.I. insights to help turn that lead into a new sale.

Monitor Your Brand's Reputation Easier Than Ever

Don't let a negative review slip through that can impact your sales funnel. We make it easy to track performance with your very own Reviews Dashboard. See your reviews at a glance to keep up to date with your progress. With filtering capabilities by date range and star breakdowns per review platform, you can see your performance across sites, helping to inform your reputation management strategy.
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