How To Launch a Facebook Storm Campaign with PSAI
Watch a Detailed Walk-Through Below!

Launching Facebook Storm Campaigns with PSAI

Predictive Sales AI is excited to release our newest version of the PSAI Storm Campaign tool! With this update, PSAI users are now able to create and launch custom storm campaigns directly through the portal.

Learn How to Launch Custom Storm Campaign

Our team has created a how-to video to walk you through creating a storm campaign from start to finish. This video covers the following topics: 
  • Selecting a storm by location, date, or favorites
  • Selecting your audience with the “drawing” tool 
  • Campaign cost breakdown
  • Facebook campaign setup 
  • Designing and previewing your advertisement 
  • Lead notification setup for your team 
  • Launching your Facebook campaign

Maximize Your Storm Season with PSAI

Designing and launching a Facebook campaign is simple with your PSAI engine. If you’re looking for more resources to help you maximize your storm season, take a look at some helpful articles by clicking the titles below. 

  • Storm Campaigns Best Practices: Get expert tips on how you can build your storm campaign, using the best settings, strategies and suggestions to set you campaign up for success.
  • Strategies to Manage Inbound Storm Leads: Storm leads are an immediate opportunity for your company so handling them in the right way is important. Understand who you are talking to and how you should follow up with them to set the most appointments.

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