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Get all the tools you need to manage your leads. From online visitors and conversion tools, to customer service and sales reporting, make your sales funnel more efficient.

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In one place, PSAI gives you the sales tools you need to connect with leads, convert opportunity and communicate with customers to give you a more efficient sales funnel.

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Target Your Audience

Using our A.I. mapping, you can choose your target audience at the home level and PSAI will connect that audience directly to Facebook, assuring your ads are in front of the homeowners that matter. Best of all, this is all possible directly within your PSAI portal.

Whether you are targeting an area you recently did a job in or areas that are prime for your services, with a few clicks within our tool, you can import that custom homeowner list into Facebook.
With 10 years of storm history and daily storm tracking, you can view storms and identify restoration opportunities. Use PSAI Weather to then target specific homeowners within that storm and launch your campaign directly within our portal, to tap into all of our weather tools
PSAI has made social media marketing easy and effective for customers. Our marketing engine gives you the ability to launch customizable campaigns, without leaving your PSAI suite.
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Lead Capture

Our drop-on applications will help you connect with customers on your website, social media, Google and other platforms, to capture leads easily and effectively. Learn about some of those easy-to-add tools below:

Connect instantly with customers using the power of AI. You can handle lead inquiries and appointment scheduling with fewer resources and open your sales funnel up to more opportunity.
Our easy to use application allows you to drop a code on your website to give users the ability to request a quote. Each quote flows directly into your communication portal for seamless organization.
Using A.I., this application will instantly tell your customer the last 10 storm events that occurred within their property from hail size to damaging winds, while also assigning a risk level to their home.
Our tool will identify users intending to exit your website and give you the ability to put a compelling offer or selling point right in front of them to decrease bounce rate and increase leads.
Don’t let your offline marketing go untraced. With our tracking phone numbers, you will know exactly which offline sources are making your phone ring. Each interaction flows seamlessly into your portal so you can manage your offline opportunities.
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Lead Management

Our tools are designed to effectively convert customers so you can manage leads through every step of the sales funnel.

The PSAI Communication Portal takes every touchpoint on your website and online properties and flows them into one comprehensive portal, so you can manage incoming leads and turn them into customers.
From identifying storms, to gauging opportunity, PSAI weather is your solution to earn business from your storm market.
Know the potential a lead will convert into a sale with the click of the button! Our Predictive Match Index will assure you are efficiently managing the leads that matter.
Your sales and marketing team may not have the time to build an accurate customer profile, but our artificial intelligence tools do—and they do it quite instantly. From household to personal details, know who your customer is before you sell them.
Our virtual, in-home estimate tool will allow your reps to manage leads and conduct their sales appointments all online. From video walk-thrus to product demos and presenting proposals, Visual Quoter gives you the opportunity to close deals, without even stepping a foot through the door.
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Customer Service

From improving customer service to growing brand equity, your communication portal will give you the opportunity to communicate with customers via chat and text to make sure their experience is optimal, while giving you the tools to turn that experience into a 5-start review.

The success of your business relies on a good reputation but building that reputation can be hard. Our communication tools provide you with the ability to drive reviews for your business, opening the door to referrals, respect and revenue.
Chat is a key feature that applies to all stages of a customer’s life cycle, including after the sale. By communicating with a customer via chat, you can assure a good customer experience while being efficient with your resources.
Phone conversations are becoming a thing of the past. Move your website and business into the future by using our communication portal to engage customers with texting.
Communicate internally with team members easily and efficiently with chat communication available by project— keeping your notes and team organized with the information they need to provide the best customer service.


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