As the busy season comes to an end, now is the perfect time to check in with customers about their projects and request reviews from happy homeowners. Building a strong reputation is key to maintaining a loyal customer base and growing your business to reach new audiences. At PSAI, we make it easy for you to maintain your reputation and grow credibility. 

PSAI Makes Review Generation Easy

At PSAI, we developed our suite of tools with your entire sales funnel in mind. Not only do we help your team generate leads and engage with customers, we have tools to help your team maintain relationships even after the job is done. Our Reputation Management engine gives your team the ability to generate reviews in a variety of ways: 

Chat: With GIA, the A.I. chatbot, you can request reviews with the click of a button. GIA is programmed with all of your review sites, making it easy to chat the link to a customer. You can also customize your message for each homeowner, adding a personal touch while boosting your reputation!

Text: As texting continues to dominate as the preferred method of communication, PSAI allows you to text with leads and customers to book appointments and discuss project details. You can also send links directing homeowners to your review platforms via text, allowing customers to leave a review directly from their phone. 

Email: As projects progress, plenty of customer communication is done via email, so why not make it easy to request reviews from there as well? Email is the perfect way to wrap up project details or send your note of thanks. With PSAI, you can also include one of your preloaded review requests in an email, giving your operations or sales team a simple way to strengthen your reputation.

Boost Your Reputation Year-Round With PSAI

PSAI makes it easy for you to maintain and grow your reputation no matter the season. With an Omnichannel Communication Portal, your team can communicate with leads and customers from all sources, in one place. PSAI’s Reputation Management engine is designed for you to engage with customers at the end of their journey, allowing you to foster long-term relationships and keep the door open for future opportunities. 

If you’re interested in seeing how PSAI can streamline your operations and eliminate waste, connect with our team for a free consultation.