What goals do you have for your business in 2022? Cultivating a strong reputation should be at the top of your list. With consumers increasingly turning to digital in the home improvement sphere, reviews are more critical than ever to generating new leads for your business.

Take Your Reviews to the Next Level with PSAI 

PSAI has a Reputation Management engine that makes it simple to generate reviews from happy customers. With a review request feature built directly into the PSAI Communication Portal, your team can direct customers to preferred review sites with the click of a button. That’s not all; your team can not only request reviews to multiple platforms, but they can request reviews in a variety of ways. With PSAI you can request reviews via:

  • Chat: Whether you have your A.I. Chatbot handle review requests or you transfer that responsibility to a team member, you can engage with customers in our chat tool to request reviews. 
  • Email: If you’re following up on a project with a customer, request a review via email to keep the conversation going. PSAI stores all email communication directly in the portal, making it easy to connect with customers throughout a project and after the job is done. 
  • Text: Customers like texting. In fact, 97% of all text messages are read within the first 3 minutes. With PSAI, you can send review requests via text, allowing customers to leave a review right from their phone.

Turn Reviews into Revenue with PSAI Referral Marketing

PSAI gives you the tools to request reviews from customers in a variety of ways, but we don’t stop there. Your PSAI suite allows you to take reviews one step further with Referral Marketing

With PSAI, you can create localized campaigns that feature customer testimonials in your target neighborhood. PSAI will generate an A.I. custom audience in your specified area and serve ads to neighbors. Think of it like digital word of mouth. You can take reviews and testimonials and leverage them in a variety of ways: 

  • Past Projects: Feature past projects and before and after photos to showcase your team’s workmanship. 
  • Customer Reviews: Leverage customer testimonials to build trust in a particular area. If a homeowner sees their neighbors are happy with a job, they’ll know who to call. 
  • Local Promotions: Offer neighborhood promotions to increase engagement and convert more leads.

Generate Leads in the Off-Season with PSAI 

PSAI has tools that consider the holistic nature of your sales cycle and has built features to help you maximize growth at every stage. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can generate leads and earn revenue through reviews, connect with our team for a free demo.