Facebook is a major player in the home improvement industry. It's a great way to connect with your customer base and reach new audiences. How can you make Facebook more effective for your business in 2022? Let’s talk about three areas you should focus on this year. 

Maximize Your Opportunities on Facebook

There are a few strategies you can invest in right now to create a strong impact this year. In addition to regularly posting and engaging with your current audience, here are a three areas you can tap into to generate new opportunities: 

Custom Audiences: Facebook has tools you can use to target specific demographics when advertising on Facebook through custom audiences. Using custom audiences allows you to get the most out of your reach so you can enjoy better performing ads. PSAI takes custom audiences one step further with A.I. Using our years of home services industry expertise, our A.I. Custom Audience targeting extends to a Facebook user’s home. Show ads to your ideal group of homes, whether that’s by service area, home type, product offering, and more. With A.I. Custom Audiences, you can target the homeowners and the home that aligns with your marketing goals. 

Video, Video, Video: Let’s face it, video captures attention. If you want to engage users and stop them in their scroll, investing in video content will get the job done. Videos don’t need to be a production, short videos shot on a smartphone and under 30 seconds have some of the best reach out there! Another tip: reuse the video content you already have. Whether it’s a past project or a customer testimonial, you can use these videos to grow your page. With PSAI, you can also leverage these videos in advertising. Combine a customer success story with an A.I. Custom Audience to launch effective ads and generate more leads. 

Easy Engagement: If you’ve captured a Facebook user’s attention and they want to contact your business, don’t let that opportunity go to waste! It’s important for your team to have the proper procedures in place to ensure no contact goes unanswered. PSAI makes lead engagement easy with our integrated technology. Every lead contacted through a Facebook Ad flows directly into your portal, no manual action needed. We take it a step further by integrating GIA, the A.I. Chatbot, with your Facebook page. If a Facebook user contacts your page via Messenger, GIA will be there to answer any questions and set soft appointments. With PSAI, your Facebook page can engage with customers 24/7. 

Take Facebook to the Next Level with PSAI

Make the most out of your Facebook page by leveraging the A.I. tools from PSAI. If you’d like to learn how you can boost your social media presence in 2022, connect with our team for a personalized demo.