Starting July 31, 2024, Google will stop providing call history reporting in Google Business Profiles. While this might concern businesses relying on Google for call tracking, PSAI's comprehensive Call Tracking capabilities ensure you won’t miss a beat.

Comprehensive Call Management:

PSAI Call Tracking offers detailed insights into call sources, tracking, and recording. Create unique phone numbers for various marketing channels—websites, sales teams, offline promotions, and specific campaigns. Seamlessly track each call's origin for clear marketing performance insights. All calls, voicemails, and missed calls are recorded and stored within the PSAI Communication Portal, ensuring you never miss a lead, while enabling quality assurance checks, team performance evaluations, and strategic adjustments as needed.

Optimize Lead Sourcing:

Label phone sources and set forwarding notifications to never miss a lead. Understand which marketing channels drive the most traffic and manage lead flow effectively. Every PSAI phone number is text-friendly, offering multiple communication options for customers. Create specific phone numbers for yard signs, mailers, trucks, and other offline sources, tracking their performance within the Communication Portal for a comprehensive view of your marketing effectiveness.

Predictive Insights™:

Each call unlocks a Predictive Portrait™, providing key insights about the lead and their home. With PSAI, your team receives valuable information about the caller before answering, allowing tailored conversations and more appointments. PSAI Call Tracking also helps assess and enhance your sales strategy. Track both online and offline marketing efforts within one platform to ensure consistent growth and improved team performance.

Track All Marketing Sources:

Assign unique numbers and receive detailed reporting for all marketing sources, including radio ads, TV commercials, marketing mailers, yard signs, and door hangers. Understanding each source’s performance helps optimize strategies and maximize ROI.

Stay Connected with PSAI:

As Google ends call history reporting, PSAI Call Tracking remains an indispensable tool for businesses. By leveraging PSAI, you ensure no lead is lost, gain deep insights into marketing performance, and enhance customer service and sales strategies. Stay ahead with PSAI Call Tracking.