Know What’s Making Your Phone Ring with Phone Tracking
Elevate your phone management with call sourcing, tracking, and recording to set more appointments and connect with customers.

Total Call Management At Your Fingertips

Create phone numbers to align with your website and other marketing sources, listen to call recordings, and manage inbound leads. With PSAI Phone Tracking, you can truly understand what’s making your phone ring to grow your marketing and generate leads.

Track Call Quantity

Designate phone numbers for promotions, your website, your sales team, offline sources, and more. Every phone call you receive flows directly into the Communication Portal for seamless call management.
  • Lead sourcing: You can label phone sources and create forwarding notifications so you’ll never miss a lead. Understand how marketing sources are performing and manage lead flow with call forwarding functionality. All phone numbers are text-friendly, providing multiple communication options for your customers. 
  • Own your leads: Create specific phone numbers within your portal so you’ll never lose a lead again. Designate phone numbers for your sales team to monitor lead development.
  • Bring Offline Sources Online: Have a phone number on your truck? On yard signs or mailers? Create specific phone numbers for offline sources and track their performance within PSAI. 

Manage Lead Quality

PSAI tracks and records all customer phone calls, voicemails, and missed calls. With PSAI, you have the ability to conduct quality checks to evaluate how inbound leads are being handled, making sure your team stays on track to hit their goals.

  • Call Recording & Storage: Listen to recorded calls for quality assurance. All calls and voicemails are stored in your Communication Portal, making it easy to keep track of your inbound leads and adjust strategy as needed. Additionally, every phone number is textable, so you can easily see how your team manages texting leads in the Communication Portal.
  • Predictive Portraits™ with Every Call: Your sales team can unlock Predictive Portraits™ for every phone call that enters your system to receive key insights about the lead and their home. Additionally, with PSAI’s Lead Source Notification Tool, your team will receive a heads up on what a customer is calling about before they even answer the phone, allowing your team to tailor their conversation to set more appointments and provide a better experience.
  • Customer Service Performance: Call management doesn’t just provide quality assurance for your leads, it gives your management team the opportunity to quickly assess your sales strategy and build your team members’ skills to ensure consistent growth.

Online Tracking for Offline Sources!

Online and offline marketing may seem like separate entities, but they should work together to generate the most revenue for your business. With PSAI’s Communication Portal, you can track all offline marketing sources in conjunction with your online sources for enhanced organization and smarter selling.
With call tracking, you can get unique numbers and reporting for all sources, including:
  • Radio Ads
  • TV Commercials
  • Marketing Mailers
  • Yard Signs
  • Door Hangers
Know what each individual marketing sources is producing with trackable phone numbers!

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