James Hardie Lead Generation
Use the power of A.I. backed by the Hardie brand to drive siding leads for your company!

James Hardie Lead Generation

PSAI has partnered with James Hardie to create the most precise marketing engine, optimized for James Hardie products. Using A.I. and machine learning, our software identifies homes most likely to need high-quality siding and automatically launches guided campaigns to drive opportunities for your business.

Engage, Convert, & Manage Leads in 5 Easy Steps

PSAI has the tools you need to grow your audience, convert traffic, and manage leads in one platform. Harness the power of A.I. to increase your opportunities from first touch to beyond the final sale.

1.  A.I. Target Audience

We use precise homeowner targeting, optimized for James Hardie, to set a campaign up for success. This includes filtering our audience by homeowner demographics and property insights to identify homes that are a good fit for James Hardie Siding, even before the homeowners know it. This eliminates competition and puts your company at the front of the line.

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2. Digital Marketing Featuring James Hardie Assets

We directly match your custom audience on the most engaging platforms, creating compelling James Hardie branded ads for high intent homeowners. No need to be a digital marketing expert. Our Ads Manager creates guided campaigns using proven strategies and a full arsenal of James Hardie marketing assets. Your lead generation campaign can be launched in minutes.

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3. Boost Website Leads with A.I. Lead Capture

Including a Chatbot Assistant, A.I. texting, Exit Intent and more, our suite of drop-on lead capture tools has everything needed to convert website visitors into leads without the need of a site redesign.

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4. Automated Lead Flow

Our platform will route leads instantly to your own Communication Portal. This one-stop engagement center is where you can track activity, unlock project insights, and customer profiles. Take it a step further by engaging your contacts via chat, text and video calling or boost reviews with the click of a button.

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5. Generate Results

This CAP member leveraged the James Hardie brand to attract a well-aligned audience that was eager to convert. By utilizing the James Hardie product offerings to boost visibility, they were able to increase their conversion rate while keeping costs low.

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Take Advantage of James Hardie's Partnership with PSAI

PSAI offers James Hardie contractors the ability to eliminate waste while boosting leads. Contact us today with any questions about this program.

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