Generate More Social Leads With PSAI Ads Manager
Reach more homeowners with AI custom audiences and generate leads with PSAI’s ad campaign creation and management tool.

A.I. Ads Manager

Drive Leads with Your All-in-One A.I. Ads Platform

Design, launch, and manage digital ads directly in your PSAI portal to custom audiences powered by artificial intelligence. Choose from AI-generated ads or create custom campaigns for full flexibility in your advertising. You don’t have to be an expert marketer to create compelling ads. With Ads Manager, you can launch effective campaigns to drive quality traffic and convert more leads.

Create & Launch Custom Ad Campaigns in Minutes

Choose Your Campaign

Choose a campaign strategy that fits your goals from a proven set of options.

Identify Target Audience

Use our precise A.I. audience builder to assure your campaign is targeting quality homeowners.

Launch Your Campaign

Customize your message & let our ads builder set up your campaign for success.

Convert Leads at Higher Rates

With the help of our lead capture apps, your website will be ready to convert leads at higher rates.

Close More Sales

Seamlessly flow leads into your platform, where you can leverage A.I. insights & our engagement center.

Drive Traffic with AI-Generated Ad Campaigns

Choose from AI-powered ads automatically designed to your company specifications to reach your ideal audience. Our tool combines your products and services with our bank of images and optimized ad copy to create ads that are ready to go at any time.

  • AI-Powered Ad Copy
  • High-Quality Image Pairing
  • Team Ad Library

Optimize Efficiency with Precise Homeowner-Targeting

Get your ads in front of the right audiences in the locations that provide the most opportunity for your business. No need to worry about uploading lists, we’ll segment the audience for you. All you have to do is launch your ad.

  • Geo-Specific Audience Lists powered by artificial intelligence
  • Budget Estimator for Ideal Reach
  • Guided Campaign Parameters to Maximize Effectiveness

Launch Your Campaign

We directly match your custom audience on the most engaging platforms, creating compelling lead generation ads, targeting high intent homeowners.

  • No Experience Needed!
  • Guided Campaigns with Proven Results
  • Launch Your Campaign With Just a Few Clicks

Boost Conversion Rates with A.I. Lead Capture

PSAI’s AI tools provide you with more conversion opportunities so you can capture the info you need to start turning leads into customers.

Integrated Lead Flow for Real-Time Engagement

Your lead conversions flow back to the PSAI portal for seamless lead management. Tap into the Communication Portal with chat, text, and email to keep the conversation going.

  • Automatic Lead Flow
  • Engagement Tools like Chat, Text, and Email
  • Consumer & Property Insights for Every Lead

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