You Can Now Use Your OC Promo Funds for ALL PSAI Subscriptions!
Start Generating Leads Powered by A.I., Paid for with OC Promo Funds!

Start Getting an ROI From OC Promo Funds!

As an Owens Corning Contractor, you can use your Promo Funds to get started with Predictive Sales AI. With an Ads platform, website conversion tools, lead insight technology, and a customer engagement portal, you can build your brand and grow your business with the power of PSAI.

About PSAI

Predictive Sales A.I. has partnered with Owens Corning to help bring innovative software to contractors that are looking to scale their business efficiently. From lead generation tools like our A.I. Ads Manager to lead capture tools like our A.I. Chatbot, we are bringing automation to an industry that relies on it. Best yet, is with this partnership, you can use your hard-earned Owens Corning Promo Funds to pay for it and get the ROI you deserve!

You're in Good Company!

Dreamhome Remodeling
  • "The customer profiles in PSAI allow our sales people a complete background of the consumer they are about to see. So they can actually strategize and formulate a game plan around one the most important first steps of a sales presentation, which is the warm up."
Cochran Exteriors
  • "Predictive Sales can provide us more information so we are more prepared when going into an appointment and targeting customers that are more likely to convert into a customer."
XL Roofing
  • "I have been very pleased with the adaptability of PSAI Weather and the cost effectiveness of it. By using Facebook to get in front of these people, you can touch your direct audience for a very efficient marketing cost with information that qualifies them to be a valuable customer."
NMC Exteriors
  • "The past projects portal is something that we utilize daily. Anyone that is renovating homes will gain business by using the Past Projects tools and grow your business by showing clients you are proud of your work."