How can you use the off-season to your advantage? As the busy season slows, the coming months are the perfect time to shore up your review generation strategy. Reviews add value to your business—through online rankings, customer retention, and lead generation. If you haven’t had the time to develop a review generation strategy, let’s review some best practices. 

Impact of Reviews

Reviews are a critical component to your business. After all, you’re in the business of improving customers’ homes! How your work compares and the experience you provide can be a huge motivating factor for homeowners considering your business. When you make it a priority to develop a consistent review generation process, you’ll enjoy: 

  • Increased Click-through Rates: The more reviews that are on your website, the higher visibility you will have on search engines. Pair more visibility with natural curiosity into your past work, more customers will visit your website and see what you have to offer. Companies with quality reviews enjoy higher click-through rates than those without, so it’s important to consistently build your reviews!
  • Boosted Website Conversions: Higher click through rates means higher conversion rates. When potential customers visit your website after seeing a positive review, turn that visit into a conversion by strategically placing reviews throughout your website. Whether it’s on your quote forms, in your navigation bar, or highlighted on your home page, make sure your reviews shine on your site. 
  • Higher Closing Rates: Give your sales team bragging rights! If you have a library of positive reviews, your team can use that to build trust with potential customers during sales appointment. Seeing what you’ve done for other homeowners can be the inspiration they need to say yes to a project. 

Review Generation Strategies 

How can you take your reviews to the next level and develop a strategy that ensures consistent review generation? There are a few approaches you can take—what’s important is finding the right balance for your team. Let’s take a look at a few processes as well as tech to help you get there. 

  • Rolling Requests: Make it part of your end-of-project checklist to ask for reviews when a job is complete. This helps ease the workload of your team and ensures consistent review generation. Also, there’s no better time to ask for a review than when the excitement of a completed project is fresh in a customer’s mind! 
  • End of Season Eblasts: Even if you ask for reviews on a rolling basis, end of season eblasts are a great way to snag any missed requests or fill out your reviews on third-party platforms like Google my Business, Guild Quality, Birdeye, and more! 
  • Text for Reviews: Customers read texts. For a surefire way to generate quality reviews, text review links to your customers. You’ll ensure your request is received while making it easy for customers to leave a review right from their phone. 
    • PSAI Benefit: PSAI makes it easy to text review requests to any platform of your choosing. With pre-loaded review links, you can send customers text requests and track activity directly from your portal.
  • Referral Marketing: Take your reviews to the next level by launching ad campaigns featuring your reviews. Referral Marketing allows you to expand your reach to new audiences while highlighting customer testimonials and your past work. 
    • PSAI Benefit: PSAI has a full ads manager built directly in your portal. Create, launch, and track ad campaigns powered by A.I. Custom Audiences. Whether you use our guided recommendations or create custom ads from scratch, get your brand in front of well-aligned homeowner audiences to turn your last job into your next. 

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