What does it take to run successful ad campaigns? You can have the most interesting visuals, the smartest copy, and the most enticing CTAs, but if you’re not reaching the right audience, it doesn’t really matter what you’re saying. At the foundation of every successful campaign is an audience who is eager to hear from you. How can you ensure you have the right audience for your business? Growing your brand is intrinsically linked with narrowing your focus. Let’s talk through the 3 steps you can take to set your marketing campaigns up for success. 

Define Your Audience

A successful marketing strategy starts with defining your audience. Understanding your customers is the key to creating smart messaging that resonates with homeowners. To define your audience, ask yourself questions like:

  • Where do my current customers live? 
  • What areas are similar to my customer base? 
  • How much is the average ticket?
  • What is my most successful product line? 

Creating a global view of your current customer base informs your marketing in two ways. The first—you can use this information to create campaigns that support your insights. For example, if you know you sell a lot of jobs in a particular neighborhood, you can identify similar neighborhoods and expand your marketing to reach those homeowners. Conversely, you can use these insights to take your marketing in a new direction. If you know your siding campaigns perform well and result in new jobs, perhaps it’s time to expand your product offerings to include a new exterior product, like roofing or solar panels. 

Use the Right Tools 

You don’t have to craft a winning marketing strategy alone. If you don’t have the time or resources to manually identify your audience, why not use a tool that does it for you? PSAI has a suite of A.I. Lead Generation tools that allow you to focus on other areas of your business while generating leads: 

  • A.I. Custom Audiences: PSAI takes thousands of data points to identify the traits that mean the most to your business and creates custom audiences. With PSAI, you even have the ability to outline specific neighborhoods or markets you’d like to pursue, and we’ll create a list of well-aligned homeowners ready to receive your marketing. 
  • Ads Manager: Create, launch, and manage ad campaigns to your custom audiences. Our full-service ads manager gives you the flexibility to launch custom ads or ads built by our A.I engine—complete with impactful imagery and powerful CTAs. 
  • Predictive Portraits™: Your team may not have time to build an accurate customer profile but our engine does. Powered by A.I. and decades of home services expertise, Predictive Portraits™  provide insights on a customer and their property. Each portrait is equipped with a Predictive Match Index™, an index from 1-5 that indicates how well-aligned a lead is with your business. With Predictive Portraits™, you can prioritize leads and better prepare your sales team to have more successful appointments. 

Set Your Follow Up Strategy

Creating a successful outreach strategy means nothing if you’re not prepared with a solid plan to nurture your leads. In addition to an ads manager, PSAI is equipped with a full engagement center to make it easy for your team to connect with leads and customers. 

  • Communication Portal: Every lead automatically flows into your omni-channel Communication Portal. Access insights, store project notes, upload files, and more in one centralized place, ensuring no lead is ever left untouched. 
  • Text & Chat: Communicate with customers on their terms. The Communication Portal allows you to chat, text, email, and talk on the phone with your leads and customers. Every interaction is stored in the portal so you can reference at any point in the customer journey. 
  • Reviews: The service shouldn’t stop when the job is over. In fact, following up with customers after the project is done is a critical step in building and maintaining a loyal customer base. With PSAI, you can request reviews with the click of a button—whether it’s through chat, text, or email. Reviews help you keep the conversation going and the customers coming back to your business. 

Grow Your Marketing and Your Bottom Line with PSAI 

If you’re interested in learning more about how PSAI can eliminate waste and expand your customer base, request a demo to connect with our team. We’ll walk through the opportunities in your market and discuss the tools you can implement to improve both your marketing and your operations.