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Give Your Sales Team a Edge With Customer Insights, Property Details and Storm Damage Reports.
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Insights That Click

Predictive Portraits™ are designed to provide you with the insights you need to sell smarter. Think of these portraits as a customer study guide for your sales reps. Instead of having your reps identify and assess important details while they’re in an appointment, Predictive Portraits™ provides your reps with the most important information prior to a meeting, so they can deliver a better customer experience.

Predictive Insights

Each Predictive Portrait™ is backed by AI and delivers insights specific to each lead in your funnel, revealing your ideal customer traits more accurately than ever before.

  • Customer Insights
  • Home Data
  • Demographics
  • Building Materials
  • Measured on a Scale of 1-5

Storm Damage Reports

Each Predictive Portrait features a history of weather damage at the home as well, so you know the risk factor of each roof before stepping foot on it.

  • Risk Factor
  • Detailed Weather Events
  • Share Via Text or Email
  • Appointment Setting


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