Predictive Sales AI is the artificial intelligence engine that considers every step of a contractor’s sales funnel. By combining decades of experience in the home services industry with artificial intelligence technology, PSAI’s comprehensive suite of tools support your team through every stage of the customer journey. How can you use PSAI to boost your operations? Let’s discuss:

PSAI + Your Sales Funnel 

PSAI works for your business at every stage of the sales cycle: 

Lead Generation: Inquiries & Quality Leads

Generating new business relies on getting your brand in front of new customers. To grow your brand, PSAI developed a full ads platform and custom audience engine directly in the suite. With the Ads Manager, you can create and manage ads with a few clicks of a button to generate more leads through effective advertising. Our engine then uses artificial intelligence to build a custom audience to serve your ads to well-aligned customers. Customize your ad copy, your images, or enjoy our A.I.-recommended ads to reach your ideal customer.

Smart Selling: Appointments & Demos

PSAI provides the tools to help your team prepare for appointments and close more deals. Your sales team can generate a Predictive Portrait™ for every lead to access custom lead insights. Each Predictive Portrait™ includes a Predictive Match Index™, an index between 1-5 that assesses the likelihood of a lead resulting in net revenue for your business. The index allows your team to prioritize your lead flow while the portraits prepare your team for a successful appointment. 

Lead Management: Gross Sales

PSAI takes every touchpoint of your business and flows them into the Communication Portal, allowing your team to manage both leads and customers. With the ability to chat, text, and email with homeowners directly in the portal, you can engage with customers and manage your leadflow to ensure that gross sales turn into net revenue for your business.

Customer Experience: Revenue Growth

PSAI’s tools are built to streamline your operations and support your team. With features and tools designed for customer engagement, our software makes it easy to stay on top of projects and provide a better experience. After the job is done, you can request reviews from satisfied customers directly in PSAI to build trust among consumers. You can take those positive reviews one step further by leveraging customer testimonials through ads in the PSAI Ads manager to generate new leads. PSAI’s comprehensive toolset makes it easy to turn your last job into your next, supporting your sales cycle for continuous growth. 

Support Every Step of Your Lead Funnel with PSAI

Predictive Sales AI is designed to enhance your funnel from first touch to beyond the final sale. With an Ads Manager, website conversion tools, and a Communication Portal, you can build your brand and grow your team with the power of PSAI. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Predictive Sales AI can improve your sales funnel and grow your operations, request a demo to connect with our team.