A lead generation plan is perhaps the most important strategy you can have for your business. But once you generate those leads, how do you turn them into customers who keep coming back? Managing your leads is just as critical as generating them, and it’s an often overlooked step in the sales process. Here is a simple, 3-step lead management plan to help your team  close more deals and provide a better customer experience. 

Seamless Lead Management in 3 Steps

Step 1: Prioritize Your Leadflow

You have a solid lead generation plan and leads are flowing into your business. Congratulations! That means you’re serving the right messaging to your target audience and it’s grabbing their attention. However, the success doesn’t stop there. When these leads contact your business, now is the time to implement your lead management process. That starts with prioritizing your leadflow so you can manage your team’s time in the most effective way possible. 

PSAI Benefit: PSAI generates a Predictive Portrait™ for every inbound lead. Each portrait details insights specific to the customer, their household, and their property. At the top of every portrait is a Predictive Match Index™, an index between 1-5 that assess the likelihood of a lead resulting in net revenue for your business. Your team can use the PMI to organize your leadflow, starting with those most likely to convert. In addition, you can use Predictive Portraits™ to match the right sales rep to the right lead. Perhaps you have a team member who excels in more “difficult to close” appointments, or a team member who is a pro at well-aligned customers; you can use the insights from each portrait to align leads and sales reps to close more deals. 

Step 2: Engage with Your Leads

Once you’ve organized your leadflow, it’s time to start nurturing leads to convert them into customers. It’s important to immediately make contact with your leads to start nurturing them down the pipeline, before they contact a competitor. Whether it’s through phone calls, chat, email, or text, it’s important to have a plan in place to connect with your leads. 

PSAI Benefit: PSAI has a built-in engagement center directly in the suite. With the Communication Portal, you can call, utilize our A.I. chatbot, text, email, and more. All inbound calls are recorded, and chats, texts, and emails are attached to your lead info, making it easy to reference information throughout a project. With PSAI, all your communication is in one place, keeping your team organized and your customer happy. 

Step 3: Continue the Relationship

You’ve converted the customer, sent your team to their home, and finished the job. But that doesn’t mean the job is over. To continue your customer relationship and grow your opportunities, your final step should be to generate reviews from satisfied customers. 

PSAI Benefit: PSAI’s reputation management tools make it easy to generate reviews with a few clicks of the button. Your review sites are preloaded into your portal, allowing you to simply click on the “reviews” feature, customize a message if desired, and send your review request. You can request reviews through email, text, or chat, allowing your customers to leave a review right from their phone! Building your online reputation builds trust in your market, and increases your online visibility so more homeowners can find your business. 

Manage Your Leads with PSAI 

Your lead management plan is the key to creating strong relationships with your customers. PSAI has the tools you need to manage your leadflow from the moment a lead makes contact with your business. If you’re interested in learning how you can generate leads and manage them with the power of A.I., connect with our team for a free demo.