An effective ad campaign is not one that’s seen by millions of people, rather one that’s seen by the right people. Who are the “right” people? The right people are unique to you. They fit your customer profile, they align well with your service offerings, and are in a position to act.

It’s great to have hundreds of clicks on an ad, but if those clicks don’t lead to appointments, then you’re not spending your marketing dollars efficiently. Identifying your ideal audience is crucial to generating clicks that result in appointments and ultimately closed sales. As a data science company for home services businesses, PSAI knows that it’s important to reach not just the homeowner but the home itself. After all, your job is to work on some aspect of the home, so why not ensure you’re targeting the right homes in your ad campaigns? 

Power Your Ad Campaigns with Custom Audiences

Custom audiences give you the opportunity to connect with your ideal customer base. By identifying homes and homeowners more likely to need your services, you will see not just higher click rates, but higher conversions. PSAI has the tools you need to launch an effective campaign from start to finish:

  • A.I. Custom Audiences: A high-performing campaign starts with your audience. PSAI’s custom audiences allow you to filter your market by segments. With precise audience targeting powered by A.I., you can serve ads to well-aligned homeowners, decreasing your cost per click and increasing conversions. 
  • Ads Manager: Create, launch, and manage ad campaigns directly in your suite. With guided campaign parameters and A.I. recommendations, your campaigns will be optimized to your custom audience to maximize performance. 
  • Predictive Portraits™: PSAI doesn’t stop working when you get a conversion. Instead, we generate a customer profile for every lead, so you can understand insights like home age, materials used, homeowner interests, and more. With Predictive Portraits™ you can understand the true value of every lead converted, allowing you to prioritize leads and set your sales team up for success.

Featured Client: Martin Home Exteriors 

“I do recommend PSAI to other contractors. I think it fills a very important niche in that it’s a very highly targeted marketing effort on Facebook. The results are there in that the per lead cost is lower than my normal marketing. The closing ratios have been a little bit higher, and the job volume has been a little bit higher.” - Ken Martin | President of Martin Home Exteriors 

Make Every Click Count with PSAI

If you’re ready to see higher conversions through effective ad campaigns, PSAI has the tools to support every step of your sales cycle. Connect with our team for a free demo and see the market opportunities available to you with PSAI.