President Biden has signed a landmark climate bill—the biggest in US history—to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and bring us one step closer to fighting climate change effectively. How can you use PSAI to turn this bill into action for your home services business? Let’s review! 

What’s in the Bill? 

The bill aims to make cleaner options more affordable to consumers—encouraging homeowners and home service providers to make the switch to green tech. According to the EPA, buildings make up 12.5% of total US greenhouse gas emissions, so reducing their carbon footprint can significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment. 

The bill provides around $100 billion for electrification programs down to the local level. Homeowners can tap into initiatives like tax credits for replacing windows and insulation, rebates for energy-efficient appliance upgrades, and decreased costs for installing green tech like solar panels. 

Leverage these Incentives with PSAI

As a contractor, how can you maximize the opportunities presented in this bill? First, it’s important to establish yourself as a provider of these incentives by reaching customers with the right messaging. Then, ensure your sales team has the right tools to convert interested homeowners into sold jobs. 

PSAI has a suite of engagement tools designed to reach new audiences, generate leads, and connect with customers. Let’s walk through how you can use PSAI to get this message out: 

  • Ad Campaigns: PSAI has a full-service ads manager built directly in the platform. You can create campaigns directly around the new climate incentives to differentiate yourself from competitors. Launch campaigns to a custom audience generated by A.I. and connect with homeowners who will resonate with your message. 
  • Website Offers: Highlight these incentives on your website to engage visitors and convert site traffic. PSAI has a range of drop-on tools like A.I. quote forms where you can capture lead information through offers. 
  • Exit Intent: Exit Intent is another drop-on tool that identifies site visitors who are about to leave your website and serves them with a compelling offer. Use Exit Intent to engage users who may not be aware of these limited-time savings. 
  • Sales Communication: Our engagement center allows you to text, chat, and email with leads and customers directly through the PSAI platform. Re-engage customers via SMS messaging with new information about these green initiatives and leverage compelling offers to spark interest and generate new job opportunities.
  • Predictive Portraits™: PSAI provides a customer portrait with every lead that enters your system. With important information like home materials and age, your sales team can quickly see if a home would be a good candidate for new energy-saving upgrades included in this initiative. Predictive Portraits™ help your sales team prepare for appointments with the right product recommendations, so you can close more deals. 
  • Blog Content: Highlight your expertise with blog content. Blog posts are a great way to educate homeowners who may be searching for companies that offer these savings.  With PSAI Enterprise packages, you can enjoy a full content library with regular blog posts written by SEO experts, ensuring that you hit on timely topics to engage audiences.

Power your Initiatives with PSAI

PSAI is your lead generation and management engine, even when it comes to current events. Use the tools in PSAI to highlight new initiatives, educate homeowners, and engage them with savings. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use PSAI to strengthen your sales cycle, connect with our team for a free demo.