Storm season 2022 is officially here. What’s your strategy for making the most out of storm opportunities? A strong storm season relies upon having a solid process in place before a storm strikes. PSAI has a full weather engine to help contractors maximize their opportunity during storm season and beyond. Here are four ways you can set yourself up for success this storm season.

4 Steps to a Smarter Storm Season 

Looking for a vetted strategy to grab opportunity this storm season? Your strategy should follow your customer journey and have tools to support each step of your sales funnel. Let’s talk about 4 ways you can increase your potential when a storm strikes your area: 

  1. Be in the Know: In order to take action, you need to have a reliable system to keep your team updated with storm insights. PSAI’s Extreme Weather Insights is the free hail and wind reporting program for contractors. Get alerts every day in your inbox when hail hits nationwide with home counts and hail impacts. Plus, get weekly forecast videos by Dr. Gensini, meteorologist and VP of Atmospheric Data Science at PSAI. He’ll discuss last week’s insights and what to expect in the week ahead. With these alerts at the ready, you can assess opportunity and take action. 
  2. Generate Storm Leads: A storm strikes your area. Now what? In 2022, it’s important to have a digital strategy to support your in-person canvassing efforts. Building brand awareness in a local area makes your door knocking go that much farther. PSAI has a full Ads Manager where you can create and launch custom storm campaigns. Target local areas with A.I. custom audiences, so you can reach impacted homeowners down to the street level. Storm campaigns allow your team to start generating leads the moment a storm strikes. 
  3. Prep Your Lead Capture Tools: What are other ways you can convert storm leads? Provide leads with multiple touch points to your business. Whether that’s through website apps, phone numbers, or more, it’s critical to give your customers access to your services. PSAI has a suite of weather-specific tools like the A.I. Weather Widget and Exit Intent, allowing you to capture site visitors by leveraging personalized storm data. You can also access lead insights that include property weather history to sell smarter and close more deals. 
  4. Handle Storm Leads: Once a lead converts, do you have a process for nurturing leads into customers? It’s important to not only have a dedicated team member in charge of contacting leads, but also reaching them in a timely manner and via their preferred communication method. PSAI has a full Communication Portal where you can chat, text, and email with leads the moment they enter your system. PSAI flows your leads from all sources into your portal, making it easy to connect with homeowners to assess their needs, set appointments, and request reviews after the job is done.

Power Your Storm Season with PSAI

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can use artificial intelligence to increase your storm revenue in 2022, request a demo to connect with our team.